Raising Champion Christian youth bands

The Christian youth band is an instrumental program is designed to provide a quality and fun concert band experience.

God is looking for a vessel He can use in this end time and with the growing of youth learning music, a burden to bring together and keep the eyes of our youth focus on Christ as they used their talent in God vine yard. It gladden my heart to see youth been used as an instrument in the hand of God and to use their instrument to proclaim the gospel of Christ in the area of evangelism.

Membership of our youth concert band and Christian band program is an enriching, rewarding and enjoyable experience in that students receive comprehensive and intensive orchestral instruction, including regular performance at various venue of the highest quality. We welcome students of all backgrounds and levels of ability and strive to provide appropriate instruction.

Membership is open to all interested students in grade 3 above and who qualify through the audition process. For more information about this band, click the link below;

Youth Concert Band

Sight Reading

Membership is open to all interested student who are already playing in church. To apply for these group, please click the below link

Youth Concert Band

Without Sight Reading

Music School For many

Membership is open to all interested student who are passionate about singing; to register interest, please click the link below


Vocal Choir

Statement of Purpose

Provide an environment for quality instrumental music education for youth in Milton Keynes and neighboring area

Provide music education setting founded on Christian values

Provide a positive social experience and Christ-like musical expression